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Welcome to the Heritage Biographies workshop's website.

Come join our Life Story Group at Gwinnett Senior Center

Sign up information is available in Gwinnett Life or online , if you have problems or need more information  please send me an email and I will help you.  Contact Me Please

 Workshop Descriptions -

Life History Project (3 hour workshop) offered at your location  cost $35 per person

Get down to the basics of accessing your memories and shaping them into your life stories.  Starting with a timeline of your  pivotal life events the workshop uses techniques that help you remember more details and shows you how to weave them into short stories. Please contact me before the class for the list of what to bring.  Supplies List

Celebrate Your Life! (6 weeks)  offered at your location $180.00 per person

Pre-requisite: Jumpstart Your Life History Project and the approval of the instructor.  This workshop explores different techniques for expanding your life story writing, helping you define your approach and goals for your story writing and/or audio recording. 6 weeks 

New!  3 Hour Workshop - Jumpstart Your Life History - at your location $35 per person

We are now offering a 3 hour version of our 6 week workshop to get your started writing and recording your life stories.  This workshop is available to groups of 10 or more participants. 

This workshop is ideal for church groups, civic groups, garden and book clubs.  Please use this link to be put on the list for the next workshop. Workshop Information

New!     Mindfulness in Everyday Life Workshop - what is mindfulness?

This class is designed to help you gain greater focus, awareness and deeper connections in your relationships with others and your life.


Workshop offered at your location $25.00 per person

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